To flourish is to find fulfilmentin our livea, accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, and connecting with others at a deeper level – in essence, living the “good life”

Now, life itself was designed by God tp be “good”. Remember, after God finished creating the world, He said it was “good” (Genesis 1:4-10)

God loves good things!

We were created in Gods image and likeness, so, it is also normal for us to deaire good things to flourish in our daily life.

Without the help of the Holy Spirit, its would be difficult for us to flourish. The more you’re surrounded always by Gods divine presence, the more your life flourishes! haven’t you noticed that the more money you earn, the more you wanna look good in every area of your life?

God wants us to be full and established trees, yeilding fruit. Flourishing in the courts of the Lord, flourishing in fhe house of the Lord.

If you are not deeply rooted in the things of God and allow the Holy Spirit to govern the affairs of your life,  then you can’t flourish like a Palm tree and grow like a Cedar in Lebanon. (Psalm 92:12)

When you are flourishing, those around you should also flourish. Flourishing other people’s life should also be your priority as a child of God .

*Be committed in the things of God.

*Encourage and inspire others to be deeply rooted in God’s word.

*Show love to others always, even if it’s not alwaya convinient.

Recieve grace to do all…

God bless you!

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