“Better together” is a slogan which simply means that when two or more persons are in our lives, we can do more and achieve more.

Together, we can thrive, flourish, have a good return after work. If anyone falls down, the other can help him/her up. (Ecclesiastics 4:9-10)

Better together could also mean that God has called us into relationships. Not just having a relationship with Him but also, He has invited us to have a significant relationship with other humans.

When we do have real connecting relationships in our lives, we can grow and flourish, love and be loved, know, and be known, celebrate and be celebrated, serve, and be served.

This is what friendship is all about!

Friendship is sometimes like investing into a business and watch it grow daily. Time and efforts, have been put into it and when it begins to yield profit, it becomes a thing of joy.


This is Gods invitation today. Connect with us now, we would cherish the friendship with you. Remember, we are better together!


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